We want to thank all of the incredible employees and guests that we've been fortunate enough to have gotten to know over the past six years in Crystal Cove. Thank you for making our time so special!

We wish each and every one of you and your families the absolute best and pray that you all stay safe during these times.

Thank you!


Support your local restaurants! 

One of the worst way to support your favorite restaurants is to use 3rd party applications like doordash or opentable. While convenient for the customer, these 3rd party apps are the destroyer of small restaurants, by charging the restaurants a small fortune for their services. 

Call your restaurant to make a reservation or to place a take-away order. I know that it's a mild inconvenience, but connecting directly with your restaurant is actually a better option. Not only do you eliminate the 3rd party middle man extracting fees, many times you get a better table or are directed to a smarter or better order by connecting with someone there in the restaurant who can help you directly. 

Please don't help put your favorite restaurant out of business using these 3rd party small business eliminators. 

Thank you!